It’s been soooo long beautiful people!!! We are awakening from winter slumbers, about to have our 1st Jam together since Sept 2022, and thought we better share a vid of 2022 Stunflower adventures with so many amazing festivals events and people in 2022! May we be blessed to share music and love with you all soon through 2023! 

 We've had a beautiful summer of music and festivals. 

Gratitude to all the amazing people who moved and grooved with us, to the beautiful festivals who hosted us and to the divinity in music that continues to bless us with connection, spirit, expression, love and togetherness. 

Bless us all in our journeys toward wholeness, love and unity! 

Love in music 

Thomas, Devaki & Alex

Stunflower at Medicine Festival 2022

Stunflower at Tropical Pressure Festival

We had such a heart-warming, body-shaking time at our 1st & 2nd Global Beats Dance Party in November 2021 & April 2022! At beautiful Stanley Arts in our local South Norwood! Come immerse in an evening of music, connection, dancing, Yoga, Vegan food and warmth! See event info and tickets HERE & Pics below 

Fan video - Live snip of govinda at The Bread & Roses - 13 june 2021


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