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Stunflower's New Album 'Turnaround is out NOW! Available on STUNSHOP and platforms below

Join us at Folklore, Thurs 14 Feb, 2019 -

Join us at Folklore, Thurs 14 Feb, 2019 -

Just released....MOdavader by Stunflower

Stunflower live at tooting folk & blues Fest

Stunflower Live at Sydneham arts Fest 2018

The band

Thomas Thomas - Guitar, Loops, Vocals
Devaki Thomas - Drums, Vocals, Harmonium
Alex Barrett - Bass

Stunflower's music has a unique quality and an eclectic global freedom that transcends any specific genre. Their influences are drawn from reggae, rock, dance, funk, folk, soca and they deliver their music with heartfelt feeling and infectious warmth.  

Their sound reflects the band's deep passion and respect for the way music can rouse emotion and bring people from all walks of life together to experience a special and celebratory connection. 

Based in South East London, local bass player and composer Alex Barrett joins Canadian couple Thomas & Devaki, music veterans & life partners to create a sound that compels you to move, dance, sway and smile - the experience will feed your soul, lift your heart and leave you transformed in their musical embrace.