the sound

Stunflower ... psychedelic mantra rock reggae from SE London

"This cross-cultural, inter-generational trio blends a cool collision of sound ... heartfelt, holistical, let-loose, transformational music that will soothe your soul, lift your spirits and move your feet."

Stunflower fuses elements from their rich history of influences - psychedelic rock, mantra rock, Kirtan, roots, funk, reggae, country, folk, Americana ... a distinctly retro sound with high emotionality and groove . The band draws influences from the likes of King Gizzard, The Free Nationals, Sly & the Family Stone, The Band, Prince, George Harrison, Jon Anderson (Yes), The Clash, Talking Heads and Bob Marley. 

The band

Music veterans, international performing artists & life-partners Thomas Idasseril Thomas (composer, guitars, vocals, loops) & Devaki Anne-Marie Thomas (vocals, drums, percussion) are joined by long-time family friend and jam partner, Alex Barrett (bass guitar).  Together the trio create, record and perform original music (with a few cover-songs, made their own) across the UK and beyond.

Stunflower's live performances have been likened to "reminiscent of a mini-festival". A sound that doesn’t just move your feet, but also touches your heart and lifts your soul.

Formed in Sept 2017, after Devaki and Thomas recorded their first music video with the Thomas Brothers, they released 'A Million Years' as a tribute to all the women who have not walked an easy path - precious mothers, grandmothers, sisters and daughters. 

The making of this video was the catalyst that rekindled their love for writing and performing music. Joining with Alex they formed Stunflower.  Then came a very busy period where they released single and new video, Modavader and their debut 9 track album 'Turnaround' as well as performing at many gigs and festivals in London and their local area during 2018.

2019 brings many more live dates, including the Bamstock festival in Croydon and Sydenham Arts festival in London. An exciting date in May will see them re-launch their album on a new bit-coin platform and added to that - thrilling news - Stunflower have been booked to be part of the Beautiful Days festival line up this summer! 

Check out our Live page and News for more upcoming details of these events. This is going to be a big year for Stunflower and they would truly love to share that journey with you!


the story

Thomas was born in Trinidad & Tobago, the youngest of a 7-sibling family; a Syrian Christian father from Kerala and a French African mother.  Mixed heritage was rare in the 70's in the Caribbean and it caused him to search deeper for belonging in music from a wide spectrum ... from Pink Floyd, Genesis, Marvin Gaye, Bob Marley, The Mighty Sparrow to Rush & Yes. He started  writing and performing at age 12 in various rock bands around the island. Leaving his home at 16, he travelled the globe on a spiritual quest, ending up in London in the 80’s as a Hare Krishna monk. From there he followed his Guru to Vancouver, Canada and a Hare Krishna commune, where he met his wife and soul mate, Devaki.   

Devaki, eldest daughter of a 7-sibling family, was raised in the ‘music centric’ Hare Krishna commune in Vancouver.  Her father was a Krishna leader and notable musician in the 60s, 70s and 80s who performed his original brand of ‘Mantra Rock’ internationally gaining notoriety as a pioneer of the genre world-wide. Meeting Thomas at their commune in the late 80’s, led the pair to explore music, helping with the painful transition of leaving the tight-knit commune behind and starting a new life on the ‘outside’.  

Devaki’s spiritual upbringing and musical ability found fresh life with Thomas’ impassioned song-writing and rock, reggae influences and the two have been writing and performing music together ever since. Thomas spearheaded their musical partnership with a band called Samsara, a frenzied mash-up of soca, reggae, rock, funk & soul. The couple toured for 10 years across Canada and internationally, writing, recording and selling scores of albums – gaining recognition as leading musicians and cultural pioneers in their region. Together they co-founded and directed a renowned gathering, the Komasket Music Festival for 10 years, winning awards and presenting leading international artists.  Thomas has written/recorded 7 albums, over 120 songs and worked with legends in the music industry including Jon Anderson (Yes), Buffy St Marie, Arrested Development and The Wailers.  

The couple relocated to London UK over 10 years ago for a new adventure and a strong urge to give more focus and stability to their now grown-up sons’ education and home life.  Balancing work and raising their sons, the couple took a break from their music for a while, although writing and playing music at home and with friends and family never stopped.

This is how they met Alex, a family friend who shared their musical passion and became a regular jam partner at the Thomas house-hold. Alex is obsessed with all things musical, a born and bred SE Londoner and self-taught DJ and composer aka Gharial,. He brings a cool, groovy and spacious bass style as well as fresh, new-generation influence to Thomas & Devaki's music.  

Their combined love of music and strong community spirit,  joined with hard earned wisdom and an expanded heart brings to life the band Stunflower - a transformational, eclectic sound with a unique and heartfelt quality. 

logo by M Thomas

logo by M Thomas