It's International Women's Day on 8th March 2019 and to help raise awareness of their #BalanceforBetter campaign, please share this video in celebration of women everywhere.

Download the track HERE - and support our chosen charity Womenkind Worldwide. See why Stunflower has dedicated this video to #IWD2019 in their letter below.

#BalanceForBetter #IWD2019 #WomenEquality

Dear Stunflower supporters, 

We would like to support International Women's Day on 8th March 2019 by dedicating our video 'A Million Years' to their cause and to the charity Womenkind Worldwide. This song means a lot to us - it was written by Thomas when he was in his 20's after a long separation from Devaki. We had always wanted to make this video in tribute to all women - especially those who don't always get the recognition and respect they deserve. In 2017, with our film-maker sons 'The Thomas Brothers' we did just that. During the making of this video, we rekindled our passion for writing and performing music and this video became the catalyst that started us on this incredible journey - along with bass player Alex - as the band Stunflower. 

The video was made as a tribute all women who have not walked an easy path - precious mothers, grandmothers, sisters and daughters. Please share it to show solidarity and support for International Women's Day 2019, you can download the track and donate to our chosen charity Womenkind Worldwide here.  Let's celebrate women's achievements and help to build a more gender-balanced world.

Thomas, Devaki & Alex

Valentine Love-in

A BIG thank you to our Stunflower fans for all your support at our Valentines day gig at the fantastic Folklore in Hackney, London. What a gorgeous atmosphere we had in that room, we truly felt the love Stunfans! Joined by some amazing guest musicians and dancers for an extra special night of spoken word, dance and the raw celebration of groove-filled music. Hot stuff! <3

Stunflower's 1st ever album released Nov 2018

Stunflower members, Thomas, Devaki & Alex started conceiving their 1st album project, 'Turnaround' (creating, writing, planning, recording) in May 2018. After some set-backs and struggles they managed to transform their home studio into a fully-functioning recording studio and completed the album in time for an Album Launch Party on 24th November, 2018. The launch was held at Crystal Palace's charming Arts/Community Hub, The Paxton Centre, to a packed crowd and rave reviews. To listen or purchase the album visit our Stunshop.

Brand new single'Modavader' released Sept 2018

Music Video Launch Party at The Paxton Centre

1st ever music video for ballad Million Years